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If you own a vehicle with an aluminum body and need damage repair, you can trust the qualified technicians at the Hanania Collision Center in Orange Park, FL. Aluminum auto bodies are increasingly common, but many collision shops don't have the skills or training to perform repairs correctly. When you want to ensure the work on your vehicle is done correctly by technicians with proper training, you should always come to the Hanania Collision Center.

Lately, we're seeing more and more vehicles constructed out of aluminum instead of steel. In many ways, this is highly beneficial because aluminum is very strong and durable, making it more difficult to dent or damage. But that also means it's trickier and more time-consuming to repair damage when it does occur, and not all aluminum is created the same. Different alloys from various manufacturers will have different characteristics and our team understands how to work with these properties. If a technician uses the same methods that they would use to repair a steel vehicle, they can create additional damage to your car, which will cost you more in the long run.

Unlike many third-party repair shops, the expert automotive technicians at the Hanania Collision Center have received specialized training to work on your aluminum-constructed vehicle body. Oftentimes, this type of work is performed using heat to soften and then reform the body panel. The technician must be incredibly careful to not further harm the aluminum and our team knows that a vehicle from one manufacturer will react differently than the next. They'll use the utmost care to ensure our specialized equipment is utilized correctly so that your car is repaired the right way the very first time.

If you find yourself in need of aluminum auto body repair, trust the team at the Hanania Collision Center. We're located at 1485 Wells Road, Orange Park, FL 32073 and look forward to serving you.

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