Alloy Wheel Repair Jacksonville, FL

Alloy wheels that have been scratched or gauged can be refinished to look like new. Our professional restoration process can bring them back to life. Damaged alloy wheels can sometimes cause vibrations that may cause undue stress to vital parts in the engine and suspension. A bent or scratched rim, even one with only slight damage, can have a major impact on gas mileage and the life of the tire. Most original equipment manufacturers (OEM) recommend replacing damaged wheels, rather than attempting to repair them.

Jacksonville Alloy Wheel Repair

Jack Hanania's Collision Center in Orange Park, Florida employs a team of certified Master Technicians that will inspect your damaged wheels to determine whether they can be repaired, or if they need to be replaced. We have the expertise to either replace or restore your vehicle's alloy wheels to pre-accident condition. We would only do so if we believe the wheel can be completely restored as our customers' safety is our highest priority, but if the wheel can be repaired it can save you a great deal of money. To determine if the wheel can be repaired, it is first washed to remove all break dust. Our expert technicians will be sure to use the correct washing solution depending on the finish of your wheel. The true extent of damage to the alloy wheel cannot be determined until it is clean. If it is determined that the wheel can be repaired and used again safely, our technicians use heat, pressure, and vibrations to reshape the alloy wheel back to its original shape. Then using auto paint and color matching, the wheel is painted to match the others. The tire or tires are then mounted back on the car, and tested for quality. We also ensure the tires are properly balanced.

Hanania Collision believes safety is of the utmost importance, and if we believe it is safer to replace your alloy wheels then we will do so with OEM parts. Our Master Technicians are experts at determining what the best course of action for your wheels is.

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