Scratch & Dent Repair

Jack Hanania's collision center has the ability to remove small dents, dings, and scratches without paint or body work using a method called Paintless Dent Removal.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless Dent Removal is a process used by auto body shops to remove dents, dings, and scratches from vehicles without affecting the original manufacturer's paint finish. Instead of sanding and using Bondo and fillers, the dents are worked out from behind the damaged panels. This is the closest your car can get to never being damaged in the first place.

Technicians work with the curvature of the car to massage out dents, rather than replacing the damaged panels. Paintless dent repair can typically be used on 1990 model year and newer cars. This method can be used on steel and aluminum panels. Because no paint is used, there is no risk of the paint color not matching the rest of your car. The car maintains its original paint finish, and when done correctly the dents will never come back.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

A technician will push the metal back out using special tools, ensuring that it is flush with the rest of the body. Using a Paintless Dent Repair reflector board or repair light, technicians make sure the dent is no longer visible. This is a much quicker and often less expensive alternative to traditional dent repair techniques. Generally the paintless dent repair technique is used on shallower dents.On deeper dents, it may be possible that the dent can be popped out, but the paint may chip in the process. It is also possible that the paint was damaged during the collision. If this is the case, the push-to-paint method may be used. It is similar to paintless dent repair, but a coat of paint will need to be used on the fixed dent, applied by expert auto paint and color matching technicians. On very bad dents, or dents that have caused damage to the paint, auto body frame and structural repair may be necessary.

Experienced Jacksonville Paintless Dent Repair Technicians

It takes an experienced technician to perform paintless dent repair, and when done correctly your car will look as though it was never damaged. Our skilled technicians can also perform bumper repair to restore the bumper to pre-accident condition. At Hanania Collision Center, we only employ highly trained and certified technicians to work on your car. We believe in ongoing education and training for our technicians so you get quality repairs on your car the first time around.

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